Testimonials by Study Participants

See what subjects are saying about participating on our studies!

What are the things you like about doing studies with Stephens?

“Money & friendly staff” – Anonymous
“Getting in and out on a timely basis”-Shelly Guibert
“I do enjoy the cosmetic studies most of all and shoe insoles for comfort!! -Anonymous
“Aside from the money, the employees of Stephens are always friendly – they treat you like family.”- Gary Brunette
“The opportunity to show up and try new products that are usually pleasant and to get compensated for doing so is wonderful!” – Kris Hathaway

Please tell us any unexpected benefits you had while participating on our studies.

“I didn’t expect to fall in love with the overall quality of the product.”-Alethea
“Met some new friends, and getting an eyesight into the research business.” – Sharon Albertson

Thank you to all of our study participants. We couldn’t be successful without you!